How to Start Your Own Bullet Journal and Organise your Life in 5 Steps

Bullet Journal - what is it?

Bullet Journal is a planning method created by Ryder Carol.

It differs from traditional way of writing down information. Ryder introduced very effective way of doing notes called "Rapid Logging". It means that you structure your tasks or thought  in bulet lists. You can put different types of bullets which have different meaning like: Tasks, Events. It has it's benefits:

  • Easy to organise
  • Easy to read
  • Needs less space

1. Supplies

All you actually need for bullet journaling is a notebook and a pen. It doesn't have to be fancy, but some notebook features and additional supplies make the planning easier and more fun. The most common wished features in the bujo community are dotted and numbered pages, pen holder, bookmark stripes and a gusseted pocket. This notebook has everything you need.

Additional supplies like sticky tabs and washi tapes can make the navigation in your notebook much easier. You can use the tabs to mark your monthly logs and washi tapes in different colors for collections.

2. Define your key

Bullet Journal has its name from bullets - short sentences with a symbol for different categories like events, tasks, notes etc. How do you want to mark a task when it's done? Do you need an extra symbol for work tasks or meetings? You can also use colour coding - different colours for different areas of your live f.e. blue for work, green for household and pink for workout or studying. This colourful gel pens are perfect for colour coding.

3. Future & Monthly & Weekly & Daily Logs

Future log in your bullet journal design may differ regarding to what you want to plan.


It is good to have separate 2 pages for each month. On the left side you can put a column with days and write down the specific tasks to check in each day. Right side will show you the overall goals for the month.


Just like monthly plan you can headline your notes with date of the day and bullet lists of the tasks you want to accomplish durning the day. It is good practice to write down the tasks every evening for the next day. Don't step ahead.

4. Collections

Collections are the way to save all the information that you want to have in one place - restaurants to try in your city, books you want to read this year, birthdays of your family and friends. You can be really creative about this - use washi tapes to mark the pages you use often or stickers to decorate memories pages.

5. Get inspired!

Look for other bullet journalers on pinterest and instagram - minimalistic or artsy - you can find great ideas to make your planning even easier. Follow us and subscribe to our newsletter to get some inspiration!